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Mattress formed in the top 1.5 cm of triogen medical open-cell of blue color. In the middle are a particular pink material called Porex, shaped and super breathable from 12/8 cm. In the lower part we find the puracell foamed gray disk medium to from 12/8 cm water. Oeko-Tex certificate. Ergonomic Lift media.

WHAT 'TRIOGEN HT45: high performance material that is resistant over time, regulates moisture and warmth thanks to its high breathability. Certified by Hygcen known international laboratory of hygiene control and medical safety. The hygcen brand is a guarantee of quality in Europe and is synonymous with maximum hygiene, softness and gentleness on the skin

WHAT 'THE POREX: innovative and technological material, highly breathable and very porous open cell water based. Porex lets the air 10 times more than a regular mattress keeping the body cool and dry. It has an ergonomic medium capacity. Oeko-Tex Certificate

WHAT 'PURACELL: It' a foamed polyurethane to water naturally very breathable cell that lets the steam keeping the body cool and dry. Highly elastic and non-deformable is able to support the body in a uniform manner. This material is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic Oeko-Tex certificate and CertiPUR.

Removable coating composition TIEPOLOS NATURAL THERMO 37 °

Upper side Fabric: 100% polyester hypoallergenic

Inner side Fabric: 100% The Carbon-carbon polyester hypoallergenic

Padding: Summer side hypoallergenic 60% cotton 40% polyester fibersanity gr. 450 sqm. Winter side 60% wool 40% polyester fibersanity gr. 450 sqm.

How to Care


Total Mattress height: 24 cm ca.

Made in taly

the product is delivered vacuum arrival just open it and returns to its original state.

vacuum mattress

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